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Ben Schoeman, Principal – Boland

Ben Schoeman, Principal – Boland
Picture of Ben Schoeman, Principal – Boland

Ben Schoeman, Principal – Boland

Ben Schoeman, Principal – Boland

Ben Schoeman has amassed significant experience in the agriculture and manufacturing industries, and has served clients in the automotive, construction and retail fields, too.

He has a special focus on entrepreneurship and enterprise development, and has acted as a business advisor to start-ups, in addition to other financial executive roles. With solid entrepreneurial credentials himself, Ben’s most recent venture saw him take on a directorship of Berman Investments. Mentorship and coaching are other areas where he has a proven track record, while he is, furthermore, adept at implementing turnaround strategies.

Key achievements over the past 10 years include being part of the team that drove turnaround in product rationalisation and people and process adjustments at a manufacturing business, as well as acting as project leader on an enterprise development programme that provided assistance to 13 SMMEs in the manufacturing space. Ben was also instrumental in establishing a new finance department following a business restructuring and ran a mentorship programme for three years. He has expressed his own entrepreneurial aspirations through the establishment of several start-ups and investments in a number of ventures.

Ben’s career has seen him develop skills around business process improvements, merging business operations, improving inventory valuation models, analyzing business portfolios and customer and product profitability and driving organization functional and cross functional improvement. Capital investment analysis, cash flow forecasting and business planning and modelling have also come under his ambit. His current interests include analyzing and identifying operational challenges at functional level, scenario planning and strategy formulation, strategy implementation and evaluation, financial and cash flow forecasting, business process analysis, business analysis and financial management.

A family man with three daughters, Ben has a passion for cattle farming.




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