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Edwin Kyambadde, Regional Leader – Uganda

Edwin Kyambadde, Regional Leader – Uganda
Picture of Edwin Kyambadde, Regional Leader – Uganda

Edwin Kyambadde, Regional Leader – Uganda

Edwin Kyambadde, Regional Leader – Uganda

Strong leadership skills and an ability to deliver through cross-functional teams have been the drivers of Edwin Kyambadde’s career.

Over his time at three of Africa’s leading telecommunications companies, including Roke Telkom Limited, Airtel Networks Kenya and Airtel Africa, Edwin has honed his analytical skill and prides himself on attention to detail and objectivity, integrity and ethical standards. He is an excellent communicator. Specific areas of interest include business performance monitoring and reporting; strategic and budgetary planning, implementation and control and implementation of financial and enterprise management systems.

Edwin first distinguished himself as Group Commercial Controller at Airtel Africa, where his responsibilities included business planning, internal and external performance benchmarking and analysis of customer behavior and revenue performance. Also coming under his ambit were validation of the profitability of new and existing products, commercial Opex control and governance. At Airtel Networks Kenya, where he was Interim Projects Head, he was responsible for streamlining the financial operations by implementing a strict control environment. Next, as CFO of Roke Telkom Limited, he spearheaded cost control, working capital generation and cash preservation, price leadership and value maximisation using telecom and regional industry experience to improve EBITDA.

Edwin is skilled at developing winning teams. His major contributions to past organisations include improving the finance function’s accuracy and efficiency, resulting in a growth in turnover of more than 11% and +25% in EBITDA.

He has a special interest in designing business strategy, and commercialising products and services.


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