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Logan Weavind, Principal – Gauteng

Logan Weavind, Principal – Gauteng
Picture of Logan Weavind, Principal – Gauteng

Logan Weavind, Principal – Gauteng

Logan Weavind, Principal – Gauteng

Logan has a broad spectrum of financial director and CFO experience, with extensive experience working in tier 1 multi-national investment banks and commodity trading businesses, including Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, JPMorgan and Macquarie. Diversifying into commerce, working across manufacturing, facilities management, and technology centric businesses, Logan has been instrumental in guiding businesses out of business rescue, and implementing best practices across the entire business, from finance and operations to manufacturing, IT and Human Resources.

With his propensity for change and a proficiency for digital technology, he has an ability to embrace the new, to be innovative, to be bold in taking new decisions in the face of uncertainty, bringing together the necessary business skills and experience to assess every layer of your business and make holistic decisions that have a sustainable impact on its future.

His experience, creativity, insightful appreciation of situations and ability to quickly grasp complex issues allows him to provide accountable business interpretations, tailoring strategic advice and decision-making services, linking in finances, key resource abilities and business capabilities.

Understanding your long-term goals (strategy) and putting in short term plans to support the successful achievement of the plan is fundamental to his approach.  Achieving budgets and planned actions requires a high level of empowerment and ownership by your team of managers. With business buy-in at a manager level, the probability of delivering results in line with those forecasts is increased exponentially through increased empowerment and ownership.

Helping to make businesses more successful and generating wealth is what he strives to deliver, applying his local and international experience in SME and multi-national businesses.  Strategy formulation and implementation, financial oversight and control, budgeting, cash flow management, project management, operations management, forecasting and team management experience are fundamental to his core competencies offered.

By accelerating business processes, clients are helped with their growth strategies, failing businesses with turnaround strategies, equipping businesses to deal with uncertainty in how to create stakeholder value, disrupting businesses processes to get ahead.


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