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Saleh Coovadia, Principal – Gauteng

Saleh Coovadia, Principal – Gauteng
Picture of Saleh Coovadia, Principal – Gauteng

Saleh Coovadia, Principal – Gauteng

Saleh Coovadia, Principal – Gauteng

Saleh Coovadia has an outstanding track record, with 40 years’ experience in the financial industry.

During this time, he has honed his skills in the areas on accounting, financial reporting, loans, financial management and systems, corporate governance and process improvement. Added to this, he has developed strong leadership capabilities, excelling in problem solving, mentoring and interpersonal relationships.

Two posts stand out particularly during Saleh’s career: the first is the 18 years spent at the Development Bank of South Africa (DBSA), where he led the Loans Financial Management function. It was here that he fine-tuned his ability to drive efficiencies and productivity through an emphasis on improving processes and procedures. He also played a role in bolstering corporate governance, providing strategic support to the company as a whole as well as the finance division, and ensuring the integrity and timeliness of financial reporting and information to operational management and clients. While at DBSA, Saleh was responsible for the implementation of the SAP Loans Module, as well as Loan Book reporting to the Board Audit, Finance and Investment Committees. He also served on a number of committees within DBSA.

Following this, Saleh spent almost five years as CFO at Anglo American Zimele. His primary responsibility lay in defining the strategic role of finance within the organisation’s overarching strategy. This entailed overseeing the annual planning of requirements for financial resourcing and requirements; budgets and forecasting for all funds administered at Zimele; financial systems and policies and procedures. Saleh was also responsible for producing the financial statements of Zimele’s six funds. Highlights during this time include cancelling an outsourcing agreement, the seamless integrating of all systems and functions within Zimele’s structure, and benchmarking systems against similar institutions.

Saleh is a family man and sports enthusiast.


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